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We’re a disruptor and the beating heart of a new generation of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions. We’ve reinvented the way we run HR with a refreshingly new frictionless technology that works in harmony with your people and your processes. Providing new clarity for HR leaders.

elementsuite is born out of the frustration of 20 years working with over-engineered, expensive ERP mega-systems and the associated difficulties and costs of integrating best-of-breed patchwork solutions to try and create a consolidated HR record.

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Steve Elcock

We’re a little different…

Our entrepreneurial spirit has shaped our growth, fuelled by our passion to transform HR and create a more meaningful work experience. Being a game changer is in our DNA, and we’re not bound by conventional thinking.

We thrive on creating real value for our clients, improving the lives of their employees, enabling them to fulfil their full potential. Our powerful, leading edge technology has been developed, putting users first to ensure it works in harmony with your people and process.

Our Modules


Stand out as a people-centric company by transforming the way you engage, empower and inspire your people. Boost employee morale and promote positive behaviour through instant communication, collaboration and secure access to targeted information.


Delight candidates with an engaging and hassle-free applicant process that ensures the very best talent become employees. Offering accelerated time-to-hire, data driven metrics and compliance controls in place ensures the right people are hired into your business.


Everything you'd expect from a best-in-class HR system but with a seamless company branded, self-drive twist that is optimised for employee and manager self-service. The powerful security framework ensures the appropriate levels of visiblity, control & compliance are in place.


Elevate skills and improve business productivity by delivering impactful and accessible learning via a company branded, mobile user experience. Offering both SCORM-compliant and locally hosted content that can be set up to track and manage all employees training needs.


Establish a culture of continual performance management so that employees can receive feedback that's relevant & actionable. Track, manage & develop individual & team performance. Access 'in the moment' insight into which employees are performing, where training is needed & who's excelling.


Creating a rota is simple - creating an effective rota that improves productivity requires a flexible workforce management solution that gathers insight into your company's labour model whilst ensuring robust financial control on hours worked. Employees can manage their rota via their mobile device.


Accurately record and manage time and absence to ensure that the right data flows through to payroll.


From managing payroll for salaried employees to more complex hourly paid staff - our powerful payroll and rules engine ensures that we have it covered. Configurable processes and workflows can easily be managed. Payslips are generated and made available via mobile self service for employees to view.

Accelerating future possibilities in HR software

With the exponential growth of digital technologies, humans are now digital creatures with behaviours that expect ease of use, immediacy, on any device, at any time. This means employee experience is essential to win and retain the best talent.

Organisations need to adopt to a new way of managing HR in a digital world. elementsuite’s powerful platform integrates seamlessly into your business complexities. Working in harmony with your people and your processes.

Our agile implementation methodologies mean you can embrace new approaches and new technologies faster than ever… don’t get left behind.


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