Our Story

We live in an ever more complex, highly technological and digital world – where the number of channels and the way we choose to communicate is expanding apace. We’re becoming more and more comfortable using smart personal assistants, such as Alexa and Google.  Mobile phones have become an essential and integral part of our day to day life. So why not make the same shift with HR software and processes.

So, what if your business could free itself from the laborious and error-prone HR practices of manual and paper processes, duplicate logging, and incomplete HR data on which to base decisions. And instead focus on what really matters – your talent and building value.

At elementsuite, that’s exactly what we’ll help you achieve.

We’ve reinvented the way we run HR. You can no longer effectively manage HR, get the best from your talent, and deliver value for your organisation without employee-centric technology. Frictionless technology that works in harmony with your people and your processes.

Born out of the frustration of 20 years working with over-engineered, expensive ERP mega-systems and the associated difficulties and costs of integrating best-of-breed patchwork solutions to try and create a consolidated HR record; elementsuite has been designed to solve these problems and more.

Today elementsuite has matured into a full employee life-cycle HR solution, offering unrivalled choice and flexibility. A SaaS solution, built on a single, robust platform that delivers a single source of HR record. A unique methodology for fast deployment, API’s and accessible insights.

Designed from a user’s perspective, elementsuite delivers the experience you expect from your phone and other technology. A solution that delivers a mobile-first experience, is intuitive and removes complexity from HR process, making the complex feel simple.

We’re a disruptor and the beating heart of a new generation of HCM solutions. Constantly developing, adopting a continuous deployment technology methodology, ensuring all clients benefit and are never left behind. Providing fresh clarity for HR leaders. Delivering HR transformation. elementsuite is an employee-centric experience.