Case Study
Broken self-service causing challenges or staff

The Challenge

Our client, a leading UK high street restaurant chain, was stuck on a legacy HR system that was at end of life, and had no way of implementing their digital transformation and HR strategy. Although they had a basic HR system of record, their HR system was old, out of support, and did not offer even the basic self-service features expected from a rudimentary HR system. As a result, administrators were overloaded with transactional tasks to perform on behalf of managers and employees, creating operational inefficiencies.

As a result, the cost base and headcount in the centre was high whilst their ability to execute strategy and enact transformation was very low owing to the transactional burden on the HR team. This also led to low morale and a high turnover within the HR team, alongside an unhelpful attitude from managers and staff.

Processes were disjointed and staff were generally disengaged from any HR technology, resulting in excessive burden being placed on their HR team. HR were operating an “HR concierge” service for communications and operational support where everything became a “people” issue.

The solution

elementsuite provided the HR tech platform for our client to reverse and remove the transactional HR burden on their HR team. They had previously needed to undertake inefficient correspondence with the multiple locations and sites, which had caused errors and delays in processing, leading to payroll queries and inaccurate payments to staff.

Deployment of the core elementhr and elementpay modules allowed staff to view and amend their personal details (including address, emergency contacts, bank details etc), view their payslips and request holidays for approval. This approach provided a modern, mobile-friendly HR platform, and full self-service that freed up time for the central functions.

Deployment of the engagement (elementengage)  and learning (elementlearn) modules provided a method to communicate more effectively and consistently to their remote workforce. This enabled the ability to cascade important documentation and policy information, along with surveys. Additionally simplifying the on-boarding process by allowing pre-hire employees to login and undertake their induction training in advance.

Managers were able to approve holidays, and perform a wide range of HR self-service transactions for their direct reports including new starters, promotions/demotions, transfers, and terminations. By enabling and empowering staff and managers to perform the transactions data updates relevant to their role, the role of the HR admin team was transformed to add more value and focus on organisational control and insights. 

Smooth implementation with minimal training required

The implementation of elementsuite provided our client with unique insights and benefits that had previously been out of reach.

With internal resources stretched, and an IT team that was well versed with traditional methodologies for delivery, there was considerable nervousness regarding how the new system should be operationally deployed and change managed. The client was able to experience first-hand the significant opportunities of deploying modern SaaS solutions using a rapid delivery approach, where the project tasks and tests were driven from the scope agreed with the client.

Implementation with minimal training

Implementation with minimal training

Owing to the mobile-first design principles, and inbuilt help and support, the solution was deployed to all employees with no formal training, with a minimal amount of supplementary training required for managers only. This was performed using unique training “micro-environments” – where a pre-prepared and configured training environment was cloned for each participant in their own temporary training environment for run through. This enabled consistency and effectiveness of the training, and reduced the burden on the trainer – where sessions could also be held or completed off line.

Measurable outcomes and Return on investment

With elementsuite deployed, the company saw immediate benefits – being able to redeploy internal HR administration resource to more strategic aims. A reduction in employee turnover, owing to the enhanced and consistent communications functions of elementsuite to reach all employees. Employee necessities – such as booking holidays, and requesting shift swaps were interlaced with communications when employees logged into self service via their mobile devices. Over 65% of staff usage was via their mobile devices.

Weathering the unforeseen storm

In March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the company had to rapidly adapt and respond to route-to-pay challenges around furloughing of staff. Not only did elementsuite provide the backbone for the payment of staff and essential legislative updates, but use of the elementsuite communications portal provided an essential method for communicating with staff during the pandemic. This allowed staff to record their COVID-19 wellbeing and fitness to return to work, along with securing contractual agreements necessary to align with ongoing legislative changes relating to furlough and return from furlough.