Andy Gray's Biography

Andy Gray

Andy Gray is the Head of Customer Success at elementsuite. He is responsible for ensuring each customer maximises the value of their elementsuite product investment through aligning elementsuite services and roadmap with customer priorities. Andy also hosts customer events and forums throughout the year in order to further align with industry trends.

Andy is strongly of the view that customer success is a crucial ingredient of partnership and is essential at all points in the relationship – from RFP to Go Live to continual alignment with ongoing customer needs.

Andy says: “Understanding the business case and critical success factors of our customers provides the elementsuite team with the tools to ensure that the product is a success from implementation and throughout the product lifecycle. Success should be measured consistently, on a regular schedule, using agreed metrics. End user feedback is key to the success of any SaaS product and that engagement is key to gathering the data for us to work with.”. Andy continues: “The old adage of ‘Success is a journey, not a destination.’ rings especially true when discussing an investment in a product like elementsuite. We’ve all seen how quickly the landscape can change and what may have been a measure of success yesterday may not have the same importance today. By working shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers I can ensure that the elementsuite team can apply their expertise and agility when customer priorities change.”

Having a dedicated advocate of the customer in the elementsuite leadership team is key to our joint success.