Sam O’Donnell's Biography

Sam O'Donnell

Sam O’Donnell, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), leads elementsuite’s team of technologists, data scientists and developers in innovating initiatives that explore cutting edge technology and their practical application in a complex business environment.

He leads the ongoing development of the elementsuite SaaS suite of solutions and is responsible for leveraging emerging and exponential technologies to bring the newest and most forward-thinking innovations to clients.

Sam is responsible for the continuous deployment of elementsuite’s software which ensures every client has access to the latest enhancements across all products: an approach for continuous improvement that Sam is passionate about.

Sam’s exceptional track record of platform and infrastructure development, IT automation and big data visualization is based on his belief in quality and expandability. He’s known for his ability to quickly identify customer requirements and translate them into realizable product features that go far beyond quick fixes.

Sam has an uncanny ability to lift the lid on transformative technologies, pre-empt future changes and translate them into enhanced software capabilities.