elementsuite is proud to announce its partnership with the HR Ninjas, an exclusive HR professional peer to peer community group. The partnership gives HR Ninjas exclusive access to tools, insights and behind the scenes knowledge that peels away the layers of complexity often associated with HR tech.

The HR Ninjas is an amazing community where HR people chat about ideas, thoughts, raise concerns, seek advice and share best practice. It’s the brainchild of Lizzie Henson and is a very active Facebook group with over 11,000 HR professionals. The group works because it is a safe, no nonsense community of likeminded HR people.

elementsuite’s refreshingly honest and open approach to HR technology makes them an ideal partner. HR technology is so often surrounded by misconceptions and a lack of transparency which can be a minefield for HR professionals. In some cases, this can lead to companies selecting people tech that is not right for their organisation.  Elementsuite believes in the importance of fitting technology to an organisation’s people, processes and culture and making it simple. What works for one company, may not be a good fit for another. Technology facilitates standards and reinforces best practice but it needs to be tailored to organisational needs.

elementsuite was born out of 20 years of implementing HR Tech of all shapes and sizes. Their team with a wealth of experience in dealing with HR tech. Leigh Joynson, Head of Product at elementsuite was the natural choice to lead the partnership with The HR Ninjas, owing to his 30 years’ experience in operational roles at McDonald’s UK.  In particular, Leigh focused on HR digital transformation programmes at McDonald’s, where he had to bridge the gap between the business, IT and Project Managers.

“I’m delighted to be asked to be the HR Tech Ambassador for The HR Ninjas. And I’m passionate about making HR tech simple to understand and consume, as I know first-hand what a powerful enabler for change and benefits HR Tech can be – if done well!  I can offer battle scars and a sympathetic ear for The HR Ninjas going through difficult technology change along with guidance and tools to help” says Leigh.

The HR Ninjas is fast becoming the number one community and gather place for HR professionals. A very active group covering every aspect of the HR role and processes. The HR Ninjas are a moderated group to ensure it is a safe place for HR professionals. Its a network without constant sales pitches or promotions. “If you work in HR this is the place to be”, says Lizzie. “We pride ourselves on sharing honest experiences, advice and support for all aspects of the HR function. With over 20 years in corporate HR roles for leading names such as Boots, Eon and L’Oreal, I can spot a sales pitch at a 100 paces and this group is not about sales, it’s a support group for anything HR”


About HR Ninjas

Lizzie Henson is passionate about bringing HR folks together to share stories, learnings and for support #strongertogether. The HR Ninjas is fast-becoming the number one gathering place for the HR tribe on social media. The group recently celebrated it’s 11,000th member. If you work in HR and want to get involved you can find the group over on Facebook.



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