With employees both on the road installing broadband and fibre connections, as well as in the office dealing with customer requests, KCOM needed a digital HR system that provided an enhanced user experience, together with scalability and versatility, essential to support their diverse workforce.   

With elementsuite’s HR system, KCOM now have a unified view of all their HR data and processes, encompassing employee onboarding, HR, and attendance monitoring.  

The company branded tile view feature, allows employees to swiftly navigate around the solution and quickly access exactly what they need, when they need it, from seeing their upcoming schedule to requesting time off, all in the palm of their hand, through their mobile. 

The go-live process was a rigorous one, with KCOM looking to replace their existing HR system within just a few months. In partnership with the KCOM team, we worked together to ensure that these project deadlines were met.  

Despite the tight timeline, the project was completed smoothly, with our HR, Engage, Work, Pay and Recruit now live and ready for KCOM employees to use.  

”With our mature HR ecosystem and complex integration requirements, we’re thrilled to have partnered with elementsuite to help us with our HR system transformation journey.” – HR Transformation Partner, Rachel Mawer 

elementsuite’s platform marks a new chapter for KCOM, as they embrace HR technology that can help them to optimise their HR processes and enable a more seamless employee experience. 

We look forward to continuing to work closely with KCOM as they move forward into this exciting new stage. 

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