From a technology perspective...

What is elementsuite?

elementsuite is a proprietary cloud-based full stack software development platform that allows the rapid development of enterprise-class SaaS applications.

On top of our technology platform we have so far focused on establishing elementsuite as a market leading and full-suite Human Capital Management application.

elementsuite provides a Mobile First, AI Ready single HR API-centric Platform within an embedded delivery tool kit that enables efficient Digital Transformation across the entire employee life cycle.

How does elementsuite achieve this?

User Experience

Through the continual and relentless evolution of social and consumer-driven web technologies, such as Facebook, Amazon, Google and Twitter, users are expecting an equivalent experience in their place of work to transact business.

From its inception, elementsuite was built using approaches and methods to respond to this:

“Mobile First”

The world is now “Mobile-First”, and historically dominant vendors have struggled to adapt to the re-platforming and re-architecting challenges of the new world.

elementsuite has been designed and developed using a “Mobile First” methodology to sure that our application is built and tested using mobile devices first, before working back to more traditional laptop and desktop devices typically used by superusers. The application is responsive and adaptive to different devices and browsers to ensure a frictionless mobile user experience.

elementsuite tile view

Embedded Branding

elementsuite’s unique layered architecture means that the branding of the application can be highly customised for each customer, whilst still maintaining the benefits of running on a single SaaS codebase. The importance of treating employees as “brand ambassadors” for your business is well documented – benefits include higher engagement and retention, and lower absenteeism.

The customisable interface and flexible configuration switches enable a high level of tailoring the user experience. We’re not just talking about a logo change in the top right hand corner, but ensuring that the very essence of your brand – its colours, images, culture, terminology, and tone are deeply embedded into the product and therefore into the user experience throughout the employee lifecycle.

Deep Configuration

User experience is more than just mobile readiness and brand configurability. To differentiate your business, you need a strong value proposition and uniqueness of policy for your talent. It’s necessary to offer flexibility to support uniqueness of process and policies.

Whilst of course you’ll want to make use of the best practice offered by the elements of our application modules, we also recognise that your processes, policies and workflow are what make your organisation unique. It’s no longer acceptable to change your processes to fit a bland and un-differentiated system. Whether calculating accruals and pay, configuring wage banding, validating a right to work, driving compliance through e-Signatures or defining security and workflow – we recognise that it is the unique set-up of the elements of your business that drive your success.

It’s difficult to make these things simple. But elementsuite achieves this through deep configurability of parameters and feature switches that can be assigned at various levels within your organisation – from market-level through to specific positions or even at person level.

elementsuite can be likened to your company DNA – the same code runs in different ways for different purposes to achieve specialisation of function, and fine tuning of your business processes.

Single Source of Data

elementsuite is a single platform, developed organically in partnership with our customers over many years, (rather than through software and company acquisition) – naturally evolving into a single, central, accurate record of the truth across the entire employee lifecycle.

Being a single source of HR truth ensures a robust and consistent authentication and authorisation to securely access data, and facilitates operational tasks such as GDPR subject access requests.

But it also negates the need for complex integrations, data aggregators and replication lag, and provides advanced and powerful data analytics that enable our users to access, manipulate and retrieve their own data in real time and as a result of having instant access to multiple streams of data.

A sometimes overlooked fact is that any AI strategy relies upon access to large amounts of cross-functional data richness. As a full suite application, elementsuite inherently provides this, and ensures your organisation is “AI-Ready” to embrace the future of analytics and machine learning.

Data Governance and provisioning

The power of a single platform is difficult to overstate, providing clarity on the nature and classification of your HR master data, and allowing your organisation to implement consistent security policies that authenticate your users, and authorising them to view and manage your organisational data for specific purposes.

Often known as “provisioning” organisational and user data, Joiner/Mover/Leaver data is required to make HR systems work – users require authentication and authorisation to be invoked, amended and revoked based upon their role and tenure within an organisation. This is all embedded and automated according to the rules and configuration within elementsuite.

Reporting and Analytics

The reporting and analytics capabilities within elementsuite make use of the richness of the data held within the full suite application, and securely exposes relevant datasets to appropriately authorised users. This allows them to create their own reports and dashboards, and to create value and insights from the data in the system – seamlessly reporting across and identifying trends between recruitment, core HR, absence, payroll, training, performance, workforce management and employee engagement.

What if I have other HR systems to integrate?

Though it is theoretically possible to achieve a joined up view of your HR data via data aggregation from different sources and systems this introduces a number of technical difficulties, such as:

  • Data replication lags – users have to wait for a scheduled process to sync data between a number of systems and make it available in the analytics module
  • Disjointed security layer – for your front line teams who often don’t have access to the analytics tools they need because the aggregated systems have no joined up security model to define what data the authenticated user should or shouldn’t have access to.
  • Reliance on the software provider(s) to build/provide key reports outside of what is delivered out of the box: Due to the separation of the systems, it is often the case that data is collected for a specific report/dashboard which results in custom reports having to be requested, built and paid for.

Before elementsuite:

Traditional Hosting Solution

After elementsuite:

elementsuite hosting solution

Full Suite vs Best Of Breed

For many years the best of breed paradigm has been promulgated as an acceptable (and often preferable) approach to procuring HR software. The concept that specialist vendors can offer specialised function to differentiate and add value to business performance is of course difficult to dispute.

EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) promised to solve the problem of integrating best of breed applications – but these concepts and technologies are rarely implemented cost effectively. The complexity and ongoing cost of ownership of integrating separate applications is often vastly underrepresented and understated.

Whilst we don’t actively encourage a Best Of Breed strategy (except for certain specialised scenarios), we are able to support it using our advanced integration techniques – and we can absorb data from your disparate systems to make it accessible for analytics.

Are you “AI-ready”?

One of the key benefits of a single HR data source is that it makes you “AI-ready”. In order to implement an effective HR AI strategy, you need to have your data in a state where it can be processed and analysed (the latest term for this is a “data lake”). As a single source of your HR data truth, elementsuite inherently supports this, and we are continuing to evolve our offering to make use of the latest emerging trends in machine learning, deep learning and neural networks.

How we implement

A key differentiator between elementsuite and other HR software vendors is the way we implement our software, which starts with the underlying software stack.

How we hold your data

Each implementation of elementsuite has a physical separation of its software from other installations, this separation negates issues like: 

  • “Noisy neighbours” where one client installation might steal valuable resources from another which results in a degradation of performance during peak times (e.g. Payroll Mondays)
  • “Logical separation of data” where data can leak into separate client installations if the logical barrier is not water tight.

By utilising the cloud and our low code platform we are able to install single tenant environments per client that provide an enterprise like service for a cloud like cost.

Limited Traditional client hosting
streamlined client hosting by elementsuite

How we deliver your project

As well as an enterprise-class Software as a Service, we pride ourselves on our implementation tooling and experience. As part of any elementsuite implementation we provide access to our “Product Hub” which contains a full list of our modules, features, project tasks and implementation resources. We believe in providing complete transparency of our delivery plan and approach, to provide assurance of successful project delivery within the project boundaries of scope, cost and timelines. Our implementation method is truly unique, and seamlessly embedded into the elementsuite application – enabling us to implement enterprise or mid-market projects in aggressive timeframes.

How Product Hub works

By selecting a module within Product Hub and then the features within that module, this builds up a number of project related tasks and test cases that have allocated measurable estimations attached to them. Via a few simple clicks our combined project delivery team can automatically construct and visualise a tailored and transparent delivery plan with accurate time costing, milestones and test cases to ensure that the team knows exactly what is needed from them and when it is required.

Hub of Integrations

At the heart of elementsuite is an API Centric platform, which has been designed and built as a full API management and gateway service which ultimately enables our developers to innovate faster and more efficiently and has prepared us for the digital age of microservice architecture and application ecosystems.

Our platform accelerates integration development with the following benefits:

Developer Tooling and API Mediation

Our platform provides our developers with low code tooling to easily create new APIs and reusable dependencies between modules. This has and continues to accelerate our development velocity, resulting in us being able to provide new features and integrations in a fraction of the time.

Cloud Based Runtime Service

For an API Centric platform to scale it is imperative that that underlying architecture is able to scale on demand which is why elementsuite has chosen to work with the best cloud providers available and has been designed/implemented to allow for elasticity in the cloud.

Data As A Service

elementsuite’s single source of data coupled with an API centric platform enables a constant stream of real time access to data for authorised third party vendors. This enables synchronicity of key data between multiple vendors that allows you to maintain service providers that you may not want to move away from.

Event Driven APIs

Event driven APIs enable elementsuite to react to changes to data in real time without the requirement of a scheduled job to process data.

Pre-Built Backend Services

Reusable components are key to the makeup of elementsuite’s application architecture, by reusing pre-built components and services we enable our development team to develop faster and more efficiently.

Application Connectors

elementsuite comes out of the box with a number of already available application connectors to relevant third party software’s such as linked in, synel, etc.