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After three decades of HR Technology; elementsuite steps into the ring

The HR software industry needed a shake-up, and elementsuite has arrived to move it, shake it, and stir it up.

Reader Health Warning: –“this is probably aimed at very slightly techy people or those of a journeyman IT disposition. If you are an HR practitioner you’re welcome to read on but I apologise in advance for getting excited about nerdy things. I also apologise for the self-indulgence of even slightly thinking it was a good idea writing a synopsis of 20 years of Enterprise software progress in a 5 minute read”.

Steve Elcock, CEO at elementsuite started his career as a technology consultant at PwC  25 years ago – the HR systems landscape was quite simple. IBM mainframes, and HR software created in low level languages like C and PASCAL were being replaced by client server technologies and mega-software systems – under the slightly austere and ominous banner of “ERP” or “Enterprise Resource Planning”.

Saas and advances in cloud infrastructure and front end development models and libraries, have changed everything, making it even more difficult for companies to navigate a rapidly changing landscape and choose how to best select the best tools and products for their changing HR requirements.

2020, the year everything changes

elementsuite offers near Tier 1 HR software functionality (McDonald’s UK implemented elementsuite for 136,000 employees, which we are told is the largest SaaS HR deployment in the UK to date) at significantly less cost.  We’re currently a little known middleweight in the Enterprise HR boxing ring, but there is significant power behind our punch, and personality in our product.

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